Mercedes me: Here’s what you need to know

Mercedes-Benz has a tenured reputation as a leading manufacturer and this holds true when it comes to innovation. The German brand was the first to offer features such as fully independent suspension, ABS brakes and a driver’s airbag on a production vehicle. In line with this tradition of innovation, Mercedes is introducing Mercedes me for 2019 and beyond. This app allows you to connect to your vehicle remotely, and access/share a wide range of valuable information.

Mercedes A-Class fascia

Mercedes me connect keeps you in touch with your vehicle, and your vehicle with everything that’s important to you.”

Staying updated

Mercedes me encompasses a comprehensive number of features that make ownership hassle-free. First, the app allows users to monitor their vehicles in detail. This includes remotely starting or locking/unlocking the vehicle, or even noting how much fuel is in the tank. The same goes for checking the air pressure in the tires or monitoring the vehicle’s essential fluids. Moreover, a vehicle tracker feature will enable you to find where your vehicle is, whether it’s parked in a busy parking lot or been “borrowed by someone”.

Women holding mobile phone

Tech to make life more simple 

Certainly, Mercedes me will be appreciated for its ability to let you double-check if you’ve locked your car. But beyond that, the app simplifies the process of car ownership. For instance, it keeps you updated as to your service interval. Service appointments themselves will be made more efficient, as you will be able to share your vehicle data with your Mercedes-Benz dealer ahead of a service appointment.

In addition to its ability to connect you with your vehicle, Mercedes me allows users to adjust many in-vehicle settings such as ambient lighting, mirror folding, and easy entry. What’s more, you can send a destination from your phone directly to the COMAND navigation system, and your Mercedes-Benz will be ready to guide you there the moment you sit behind the wheel.

 Mercedes-Benz A Class interior and interface

Mercedes me will also look after you when you’re on the move. With available navigation services such as live traffic information and Car-to-X Communication, your Mercedes will be able to alert you about hazards and points of interest up ahead. Should you encounter trouble, your vehicle data and position will be relayed to the Roadside Assistance Center for immediate help.

Mercedes-Benz A Class on the road

Keeping ahead of the competition  

Mercedes me promises to be more than just an app. It will allow for services and add-ons that go beyond the realm of automotive ownership. For instance, Mercedes-Benz Concierge will give access to a personal assistant available 24/7, who will happily help with reservations, tickets, travel arrangements, important reminders, and more.

What really brings Mercedes me to another level is how it fits into the broader innovation strategy of Mercedes-Benz, which includes an all-new infotainment system: MBUX, for Mercedes-Benz User Experience. All-new for 2019, this intuitive and intelligent infotainment system stands out by its ability to learn, thanks to artificial intelligence. MBUX operates seamlessly with Mercedes me to provide an unparalleled experience for the user. It will progressively be introduced on all Mercedes-Benz models, and its integration with Mercedes me will ensure that your Mercedes has you covered with all the technology you’ll ever need.

Mercedes Benz A Class infotainment

Would you like more information? Drop by Mercedes-Benz Saskatoon, our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and show you the ins and outs of Mercedes me and MBUX. In the meantime, watch below as a member of our team walks you through the capabilities of Mercedes me Connect.