Wyant Group Porsche dealerships hold launch event for the 2019 Cayenne

As we celebrate 70 years of Porsche, the importance of the Cayenne in the brand’s history and continued success cannot be understated. Porsche’s current vehicle lineup may look familiar, but the brand’s initial decision to introduce its first Sport Utility Vehicle was a brave one. Porsche did this long before most rival sports car manufacturers, and it was questioned at the time whether it was “right” for Porsche to produce an SUV.

2019 Cayenne driving through desert

A success story

As one would have it, Porsche took no time to silence its doubters. Since the launch of the first generation of the Cayenne in 2002, it has gone on to become one of Porsche’s greatest success stories. It was no stroke of luck: rather than conform to market norms, Porsche engineered this success from the get-go by ensuring that the Cayenne would remain true to the Porsche DNA.

Porsche introduced a practical, well-designed and technologically advanced vehicle that happened to be the Porsche of SUVs – with the DNA of a true sports car. Since its introduction, it has set the benchmark when it comes to road handling and performance for its segment. The Cayenne quickly became a favourite among aficionados of the brand and enticed many more people to join the Porsche family. This success story is sure to continue with the launch of the third generation occurring this year.

Successful launch

2019 Cayenne presentation

To mark the introduction of the new 2019 Cayenne, Porsche Centre Saskatchewan and Porsche Centre Kelowna held their respective launch events on Wednesday, October 24th. Each Porsche Centre greeted fans of the brand with a presentation about the 2019 Cayennes on display. All guests were entertained and well served, with appetizers and refreshments on hand.

Product Specialist showcasing the features of the 2019 Cayenne

At both locations, the atmosphere during the event was that of excitement and comradery, and many guests stayed for a while to mingle and discuss the “ins and outs” of the new Cayenne with the Porsche team. Moreover, a number of 2019 Cayennes were made available for test drives following the respective events. The launch was well received and ensured that the 2019 Cayenne received a proper introduction to prospective buyers and curious minds alike.

Porsche fans at the Cayenne launch event

Pushing the boundaries

The 2019 Cayenne builds on the strengths and attributes of the previous generation but make no mistake: it is an entirely new model, from the platform to the new infotainment system. This means more tech, smarter features, and an even greater driving experience. The 2019 Cayenne will be lighter than the previous model, offer the latest in connectivity features such as Porsche Connect and My Porsche, and increased spaciousness and passenger comfort throughout the cabin. To monitor it all, drivers will benefit from the full-HD touch display of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, which will operate like a tablet. Porsche left no stone unturned in the design of the new Cayenne, and it shows in the final product.

Interior of the 2019 Cayenne

Sportscar together

Of course, the 2019 Cayenne is first and foremost a Porsche. This means that performance and driving pleasure were paramount to the final product. As such, everything from the driving position to the Cayenne’s muscular body have been designed to maximize not only the feel of driving a Porsche, but also deliver measurable results on the open road.

2019 Cayennes parked side-by-side

Notably, the Cayenne benefits from a new family of engines which offer even greater power and torque. For the first time ever, this generation of the Cayenne also features mixed tires. In other words, the rear tires will be wider than the fronts – a specification seen on true sports cars. In fact, the Cayenne will even be available with rear axle steering, as seen on the latest 911 GT3.

Rear axle steering display for the 2019 Cayenne

Needless to say, the 2019 Cayenne ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing Porsche enthusiasts with a platform to share the sports car experience with all their friends – in the spirit of Porsche’s Sportscar Together gatherings seen around the world this year.

Want to learn more about the 2019 Cayenne? Take a look at our blog, or drop in at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan or Porsche Centre Kelowna, where our sales specialists will be more than happy to guide you through the highlights and features of the model.