All Revved Up

This story began with a young, ambitious teenager whose passion for cars and people (not necessarily in that order) created the ‘perfect storm’ for a spectacular and enviable career.

Vaughn Wyant started his journey in the automotive business on the sales floor. It was in sales where his positive, informal manner and ‘love of the deal’ took him from dealerships in England, to Vancouver, on to small town Alberta and finally back to his hometown of Saskatoon.

Jubilee Ford represents the very first dealership of the Wyant Group and remains it’s ‘flagship store’. From the beginning in 1983 through to today, the story continues to be about passion, people, optimism, ambition, and opportunity.

Representing multiple brands in several cities across Western Canada, Vaughn and the entire team of nearly 500 employees share an environment of mutual trust and respect as we work every day in the business that we love.