Porsche Centre Saskatchewan takes on Classic Restoration Competition

Porsche Centre Saskatchewan is excited to take part in Porsche Cars Canada’s first ever Classic Restoration Competition. The competition will see nine Porsche dealerships from across the country go head-to-head. The restoration project will be judged on numerous factors, such as the use of original parts, a before/after comparison to value how much had to be done to reach the current condition, and the quality of the finished product. Through their participation in this project, the members of the Porsche Centre Saskatchewan team will be able to showcase their expertise and play a positive role in preserving the Porsche Classic heritage.

Porsche’s first vehicle

Porsche's 1st production automobile - the Porsche 356

The vehicle that will be restored for this project is a 1964 Porsche 356 C. The Porsche 356 is of particular significance as it was Porsche’s first production automobile. The 356 also marked the beginning of Porsche’s involvement in the world of motorsport. Notably, it secured Porsche’s first class win at Le Mans in 1951.

The Porsche 356 winning the Le Mans in 1951.

On the topic of historical significance, it is interesting to note the importance of the year 1964 in Porsche’s history. Effectively, the 356’s direct successor – the legendary Porsche 911 – began production in 1964 – the same year that our competition 356 was built. Thus, this vehicle establishes a significant link between the past and the present of the Porsche brand. Porsche Centre Saskatchewan is proud to be entering the Classic Restoration Competition with a vehicle that played such a meaningful role in shaping the history of the brand.  

A collector’s passion

The vehicle was recently purchased by Vaughn Wyant, President and CEO of Porsche Centre Saskatchewan. Vaughn is a long-standing fan of the Porsche brand and an avid Porsche collector. Notably, Vaughn commissioned two unique 918s in heritage Gulf livery colours. Affectionately coined the “twins”, the 918s are a fabulous commemoration to the Porsche 917 Ks that raced at Le Mans in 1970 and 1971 and were featured in the iconic Steve McQueen film “Le Mans.” In addition to these vehicles, Vaughn can routinely be seen driving his factory authorized Gulf livery 911 R Porsche.

Vaughn Wyant's factory authorized Gulf Livery 918 Spyder's

Vaughn’s passion for the German brand serves as a perfect example of how Porsche has built an unmatched following over its 70 years of existence and the purchase of a Porsche 356 was the next logical chapter for his collection. After the competition, the Wyant Group plans to keep the fully restored 356 C in the public eye. It will first be on display in the showroom at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan and then moved to the showroom display at Alloy Collision Centre, where the rest of Vaughn’s personal collection can be admired.

Vaughn Wyant's classic car collection housed at Alloy Collision Centre.

The task at hand  

The team at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan and the Wyant Group as a whole are excited about this ambitious project. The vehicle has already lived a full life, and it was no ‘garage queen.’ The vehicle spent most of its life in the northeastern United States, subject to humid conditions ideal for the formation of rust. The 356 was recently shipped to Saskatchewan in many separate parts and will need to be further stripped down in order to complete a full period-correct refurbishment.  

The restoration in process.

The restoration in process.

The biggest challenge for the members of the Porsche Centre Saskatchewan team will be the tight timeline and the sourcing of parts. A lot of focus will be on the bodywork, from eliminating rust spots to fabricating some parts. Most of these parts will be designed, fabricated and installed in-house, while certain specific items such as the windshield will be sourced from Porsche Classic. The goal is to have the metal work done by early December, complete painting in January, and then proceed to the assembly of the interior, suspension, drivetrain and mechanical components in order to have the vehicle fully restored and detailed to original spec by July 1st of next year.

The original 1964 Porsche 356 C.   

The whole team at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan is proud to be competing in Porsche Cars Canada’s first ever Classic Restoration Competition. We will be sure to keep you updated on this restoration on our social media platforms. You can also look for the following hashtags: #Porsche #PorscheClassic  #PorscheClassicCompetition #Porscheoftheprairies. Stay tuned.

The original 1964 Porsche 356 C.