one big family

The Wyant Group has grown and evolved from the original acquisition of Jubilee Ford in Saskatoon in 1983, to comprise 20 dealerships representing 15 automotive brands throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with more on the horizon.

Our success stems from the dedication and hard work of each and every employee. We are a diverse group working together to achieve shared goals, excel, drive innovation and make a difference. For over 35 years, the Wyant Group has established a valid and valuable business model, based on honesty of practice, care for customers and employees alike and essential support for community.

We are a family of companies and of people, striving for excellence at every turn. It is our obligation to support each other as we grow, develop and move toward an exciting future.

  • Vaughn Wyant
    Vaughn Wyant President & CEO
  • Phillip Wyant
    Phillip Wyant Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Wyant
    Michael Wyant Chief Operating Officer