Top 10 Saskatchewan family-friendly winter activities

As we head into the weekend, we thought we would share some of our winter family locations and activities. We’ve compiled a list of 10 destinations (in no particular order) for you to go out together and make some memories right here in Saskatchewan. Some are close to home and some are a bit of a drive away, but all are perfect if you want a little vacation without leaving the province.

Mabel and Martha’s – Regina.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, you won’t once you visit Mabel and Martha’s Vintage Décor store. Soft Christmas harp music fills the air even before you step inside. But you really feel the pulse of the Christmas spirit when you peruse a stunning collection of holiday and home décor options ranging from rustic chic items to bespoke timeless pieces.


Paint nights.

Wide selection of holiday and home décor

Unique clothing and accessories

Why Mabel and Martha’s is great as a family-friendly spot:

Start a tradition where everyone in your family chooses a new decoration to add to the Christmas tree and get the family involved in decorating. Even one piece from Mabel and Martha’s can warm up your interior style or make the perfect present for someone special.

Nutrien Wonderhub – Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

It may be cold outside but it’s way cooler in the Wonderhub. More than a museum, the Nutrien Wonderhub encourages kids to discover the world around them through creativity, curiosity collaboration, and imagination. With 12 permanent, interactive exhibits, the Wonderhub isn’t just for children and it promises to keep you and your family learning and entertained for hours. Allow your children to lead you through the immersive exhibits and watch as they learn about their province, practise motor skills and widen their imagination.


Vibrant exhibits mirroring life on the prairies

Toon Town, an everchanging townscape where kids have full control over the installations

A web-like climbing structure, designed by internationally-acclaimed artist Toshiko Horiuchi

Discovery Mine where kids can experience life as a mining geologist or an engineer in a realistic mine environment

Why the Nutrien Wonderhub is a great family-friendly spot:

As a child-centered museum, there is no wrong way to experience Wonderhub. Plus, with your kids at the lead, you’re guaranteed to enjoy each exhibit in a totally new way every time you visit. Curiosity is a quality shared by people of all ages and is a fundamental value of the Wonderhub. Every exhibit is sure to engage all visitors young, and old.

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Ice Skate at an Outdoor Rink.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Skating is a great way to get your whole family involved in staying active this winter. Most outdoor rinks are free and available any old day of winter! As the province that provides more NHL hockey players than anywhere else in the world (per capita), you won’t have to look too far to find an outdoor rink near you.

If you don’t have skates, some rinks like Victoria Park skating rink in downtown Regina and the Cameco Meewasin skating rink in downtown Saskatoon allows you to rent skates.

Why outdoor skating is a great family-friendly activity:

When you’re living in Saskatchewan, it’s never too early to get your kids out on the ice. Beautiful days can sometimes be few and far between during the winter so why not take advantage of them by enjoying one of Canada’s favourite national pastimes! Skating keeps your family active, warm and entertained even when winter seems to drag on.


Saskatchewan Science Centre – Regina.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is an interactive science museum located in Regina’s Wascana Park. The Saskatchewan Science Centre features over 180 hands-on science exhibits as well as live stage shows and demonstrations across a variety of scientific disciplines, including energy, human anatomy, space, and the local Saskatchewan wildlife. They also have visiting exhibits so you can come back multiple times a year and see something new. A place that inspires learning, encourages innovation, sparks discovery, and creates an interest in science, math, and technology would be a nice break from a sometimes bleak Saskatchewan winter.

If you are a traveler, buy a membership. The Saskatchewan Science Centre is affiliated with many other science centres and museums, so you can get free admission.



Gift shop

Full-service restaurant

Full wheelchair access

IMAX Theatre

Museum exhibits for children and youth


Why the Saskatchewan Science Centre is a great family-friendly spot:

At the Saskatchewan Science Centre, there are activities for everyone in the family. You can easily spend a half-day at the Saskatchewan Science Centre between the IMAX theatre, lunch at the restaurant and learning from its ever-changing interactive exhibits, daily programming, live demonstrations/stage.

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Winter resort

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

When the weather outside is frightful, a weekend stay in a resort is so delightful. Packed with activities for the thrill-seeker, the homebody and the people who just want to go walking in a winter wonderland, resorts have something for everyone. Saskatchewan has many different options for winter getaways, here are four of our favourites.

Elk Ridge Resort

Blue Mountain Adventure Park

Madge Lake Retreats

Candle Lake Resort



Cross country skiing



Ice fishing

Dog sledding

Why winter resorts are great as a family-friendly getaway:

Each of these spots have options for winter sports like cross country skiing, skating, and tobogganing as well as beautifully groomed trails for snowshoeing or casual exploring. Elk Ridge even features curling rinks allowing you and your family to have your own personal bonspiel.


Stoked Centre– Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

This high energy entertainment destination is located within Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre guaranteeing a unique experience for the entire family. Rip around on the high-speed electric go-karts, fly high on the 200-foot zip line, challenge yourself on the suspended obstacle course, and let the little ones jump in bouncy castles!


Bouncy Castle

Bumper Car Raceway


200-foot Zipline

Suspended obstacle course

Concession and café

Onsite Hillberg & Berk vendor

Pet Groomer

Enormous greenhouse

Why the Stoked Centre is great as a family-friendly spot:

It has something for the whole family. Relax amongst Wilson’s Home and Garden Centre’s endless supply of flowers, herbs, and succulents, dare to try the high-flying obstacle course and then cool off with a wide variety of snacks and locally sourced espresso at an amazing cafe.

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McNally Robinson – Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Something about the blustery cold make some of us want to curl up with a good book. As the largest independent bookstore in Canada, McNally Robinson is one giant comfortable, reading nook for you and your family.


Spotlighting local authors

Prairie Ink restaurant and cafe

Extensive board collection

Regularly scheduled speakers

Author book signings and readings

Storytime for preschoolers

Children’s clothing

Why McNally Robinson is great as a family-friendly spot:

Get your kids excited about reading by helping them pick out a new book or choose a new board game for a family game night. McNally Robinson is also the perfect spot to find a thoughtful Christmas gift for the budding bookworm in your family!

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Winter festivals

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Nothing breaks up the gloom of winter more than the bright lights and excitement of a festival! And lucky for us, Saskatchewan is full of them. Here are five of our favourites:

Winterruption – An eclectic lineup of live bands, stand up and sleigh rides make for a great reason to leave your house in the dead of winter! Most of the action happens in Saskatoon but Swift Current and Regina are also hosting their own Winterruption festivals.

Winter Shines – Presented by Nutrien, Winter Shines offers a day camp where youngsters can learn about winter activities, ice sculptures and a soup cook-off!

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Santa Claus Parade – Find out if your town or city has a Santa Claus parade or organize your own and bring the magic of the season alive!

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Enchanted Forest – Located at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park in Saskatoon, the Enchanted Forest one of the longest-running and best Christmas light shows in Canada and is enjoyed by 80,000 visitors every year. As an added bonus, it also raises funds for the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation.

Prince Albert Winter Festival – Take part in a full weekend of Northern Saskatchewan winter experiences like a jigging contest, sled dog rides, and a fiddle show.

Why winter festivals are great as a family-friendly activity:

Saskatchewan has a vibrant festival culture and winter does not slow us down. Get your family in the holiday spirit or just enjoy the unique Sasky culture at any of the above festivals and show them that winter is not for hibernating!


Dog Sledding

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Dog sledding is a tradition born from the trapping history in many parts of Saskatchewan. Prince Albert actually hosts the Canadian Challenge Dog Sled Race in February which is a 600-kilometer marathon where racers can qualify for the prestigious Iditarod. For the less professional dog sledders, Sundogs Excursions and Elk Ridge Resorts provide elite teams of dogs and guides to fly you through North Saskatchewan drifts.

Why dog sledding is great as a family-friendly activity:

Your family will love bonding with each other and with their canine companions as you all learn to run a dog team and explore the wild beauty of our province at exhilarating speed. The dogs are always happy to see you and it’s impossible not to be excited by their enthusiasm.


Fat Biking

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Fat biking is one of the fastest-growing segments of the cycling industry. The extra-wide and low pressures tires make four-season cycling a reality for you and your family. The bikes float on a snowpack and make recreational riding an exciting and unique, winter family activity.

How/where to rent:

Western Cycle in Regina

Dutch Cycle in Regina

Bruce’s Cycle Works in Saskatoon

The Bike Doctor in Saskatoon

Why fat biking is great as a family-friendly activity:

Take your family out for Global Fat Bike Day Ride on December 7th in Saskatoon or rent bikes for everyone to explore the winter landscape like never before. For more experienced riders, trails for fat biking are waiting for you in Prince Albert National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

Saskatchewan is full of family-friendly winter activities.

Nobody really knows winter better than we do so it would make sense that nobody knows how to have fun in winter like us. Saskatchewan has a diverse landscape and rich history with plenty of attractions and unique destinations with great activities that many locals don’t even know about. If you have any fun family winter destinations in the province that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear about it!

From all of us at the Wyant Group, we wish you a safe drive to all these fantastic destinations. And remember, we’re always here to help if you’re looking for a safe, comfortable and dependable family-friendly vehicle!