4 Ways Winter Driving is Better in an Audi

The average Saskatchewan winter presents some not-so-pleasant environmental obstacles like giant potholes and slippery icy paths of doom. But winter driving is an unfortunate reality, so why fight it when you can enjoy it? From behind the wheel of an Audi, you have the power, the confidence, the accessories and the technology to keep you dashing through the snow and on your merry way.

Audi vehicles are well suited to winter driving.

Quattro: the power.

Audi quattro is available on a range of Audi models including the Q3, Q5, and Q7. It supplies power to all four of the wheels transferring power and grip to whatever the road conditions. To emphasis quattro’s winter qualifications Audi is also a major sponsor for New Zealand’s quattro Winter Games.

Audi Cares: the confidence.

Audi Care gives you peace of mind even while winter driving.

Audi Care

Keeping your Audi in top shape is key to safe winter driving. That’s why Audi Saskatoon offers Audi Care standard on all 2019 A6, A7, A8, Q7, Q8 & E-tron vehicles. Audi Care offers prepaid scheduled maintenance every 15,000 km for your convenience and to save you from fluctuating parts and labour rates. It can also be rolled into your monthly Audi payments or added to your Audi if it was purchased within two years or 30,000 km.

These scheduled maintenance plans are an excellent way to help keep your Audi performing at its best especially in the winter months. For example, a proper wheel alignment will help your tires achieve maximum performance while ensuring they last longer on your Audi.

Audi After Care

Audi After Care gives you peace of mind even while winter driving.

Ironically, salt and sand make winter roads more passable but also make the season tougher on your Audi as they corrode their bodies and undercarriage. Keep your pristine showroom finish with Audi After Care’s Appearance Protection package. Effective for up to 250,000 km, the Appearance Protection package covers cosmetic damage to the exterior and interior and can also cover winter pothole damage like bent wheels or punctured tires.

Audi Tires: the accessories.

Audi tires are well suited to winter driving.

If you can see your breath, it’s time to switch your tires! Audi winter wheels are developed parallel to Audi vehicles. Built with durable material to work in total harmony with your vehicle, Audi Genuine Winter Wheels are an investment that will prove to be even more rewarding down the road.

Audi believes in proving themselves the hard way, especially where the rubber hits the road. Audi Winter tires are subjected to extreme endurance tests to test their ability to retain their striking design and remain operational in inclement weather. Visit Audi Saskatoon for more information about winter tires today.

Audi Connect: the technology.

Audi vehicles are well suited to winter driving.

Available on models built in 2019 and later, Audi Connect is a driver-assistive and connective system built right into your Audi. It bundles what you love about your smartphone with the vehicle, to provide real-time information and multiple digital functions.

Audi vehicles are well suited to winter driving.

To use the full functionality of Audi Connect, your vehicle must be paired with a myAudi account. This account must then be verified by your local dealer. When you sign up for a myAudi account, you’ll activate the full range of exclusive features and services for your Audi. The myAudi app is also available on Apple iOS 10 and above and Android 6 and above. Audi Connect services are bundled in several packages but two, in particular, are very helpful in keeping you safe and secure on wintery roads.

Audi Connect Security and Assistance package

Accidents happen and unfortunately for us, icy roads make road accidents more likely. Audi Connect Security and Assistance is a foolproof backup plan in the event of an emergency and is a reliable co-pilot on even the snowiest road. In the event of a severe accident, your Audi will automatically contact a designated service provider to dispatch emergency help to your location. If you’re in need of a tow, a jumpstart, or a tire change, you can use your myAudi app for immediate roadside assistance.

With Audi Connect, chilly morning commutes are a thing of the past. Through the myAudi app, you can turn on your vehicle and monitor the interior temperature from your phone from anywhere.

Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment package

Since Saskatchewan weather is unpredictable at best, the best thing we can do as drivers is stay prepared. The Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment package assesses the road ahead while you drive. Get real-time updates on changes in speed limits, weather alerts, and construction signs sent directly to your navigation system.

Icy intersections also become less treacherous when your Audi can predict the amount of time left until the traffic light changes from red to green. At the same time, when you approach green lights, your Audi will provide a suggested speed limit to pass through the light safely.

Audi vehicles are well suited to winter driving.

Winter driving can be a challenge. The best way to meet this challenge is in a vehicle that delivers the performance you love with the confidence you need. From behind the wheel of an Audi, you can drive assured knowing you have power, confidence, accessories, and technology on your side.