Find the family vehicle that fits your family

It’s easy for automakers to slap a rear-seat DVD player on medium-sized crossover and brand it for families. But when the best family vehicles fit in perfectly, they become an extended family member.

When choosing the perfect family vehicle, as with every decision when you have a young family, you need to consider the kidlets. Is the vehicle big enough? Does it fit our budget? Which one can bounce back from some light vomiting sessions?

Since the decision will revolve around ‘dem kids’ anyway, why not let your kids choose? Obviously, a child can’t be trusted to give financial advice (no matter how well they can count). Luckily for you, we have devised a foolproof system where your ideal vehicle is revealed by your children’s favourite movie. Or at the very least, your inner child’s favourite movie.

Little Rascals

A scrappy group of kids work together to overcome adversity and misogyny to beat a bully in a homemade go-kart race.

If your children love ‘Little Rascals’, then the Ford Edge is the car for you!

Ford family vehicle: The Ford Focus

Photo credit: AutoTrader

Cargo friendly with its wide set rear doors and low load floor, the Ford Edge is capable and industrious. A Ford Edge can fit the whole clubhouse and can withstand the shenanigans that are sure to ensue. Available at Jubilee Ford.

Spirited Away

The acclaimed animated adventure about a young girl who wanders into a fantasy world to free her parents from a terrible spell.

If your children love ‘Spirited Away’, then the Mitsubishi Outlander is your choice!

Mitsubishi family vehicle: Mitsubishi Outlander

Photo credit: Engadget

Explore beyond your comfort zone in this spirited crossover with impressive technology and powerful performance. 10-year Powertrain Warranty, 5-year new vehicle limited warranty, and 5-year roadside assistance will ensure you’re driving with peace of mind, no matter your destination. Available at Saskatoon Mitsubishi.

The Wild Thornberry’s Movie

A gifted little girl living in Kenya helps her animal friends to save an elephant herd from poachers.

If your children love ‘The Wild Thornberrys Movie’, the Jaguar F-Pace is the one!

Jaguar family vehicle: Jaguar F-Pace

Photo credit: Jaguar Metro West

Go wild in the F-Pace with its dramatic beauty and everyday practicality. Fierce and luxurious, the F-Pace’s power and agility cannot be tamed, it can only be unleashed. Available at Jaguar Saskatoon.

Homeward Bound

Follow three very different pets as they journey across the country to be reunited with their owners.

If your children love ‘Homeward Bound’, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is for you!

Land Rover family vehicle: Land Rover Discovery Sport

Photo credit: CarAdvice

Outfitted for mastery of all conditions and with generous adaptable cargo space, the Discovery Sport is one of the most versatile compact SUV on the road. Available at Land Rover Saskatoon.

Finding Nemo

An overly cautious clownfish travels the ocean to track down his missing son.

If your children love ‘Finding Nemo’, then the Volvo XC60 is the choice.

Volvo family vehicle. Volvo XC60

Photo credit: Autotrader

Volvo shares Marlin’s passion for safety and the Volvo XC60 is a paragon of modern automotive safety. Keep your family safe and give yourself the power to roam in this efficient and powerful SUV. Available at Volvo Saskatoon.


A hot-shot race-car discovers some humility and learns the true meaning of family and friends.

If your children love ‘Cars’, then the Audi Q5 makes sense for you!

Audi family vehicle: Audi Q5

Photo credit: Audi Canada

The Q5 uses lessons learned from motorsports to create an SUV with outstanding handling and outstanding power. Audi is one of the world’s most forward-thinking automotive brands and the Q5 uses pioneering technology to create a dynamic and comfortable drive for all. Available at Audi Saskatoon.

The Lion King

A lion cub learns about his true identity and the meaning of responsibility as he battles his uncle for control of the Pride Lands.

If your children love ‘The Lion King’, then the Mercedes-Benz GLC is your jam!

Mercedes-Benz family vehicle: Mercedes-Benz GLC

Photo credit: Vitimb

A majestic SUV with a sophisticated cabin and opulent styling. The Mercedes-Benz GLC pours on the power and puts your in command on the road. Available at Mercedes-Benz Saskatoon.

Mrs. Doubtfire

After a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend time with his children.

If your children love Mrs. Doubtfire, then the Alfa Romeo Stelvio could be a perfect fit!

Alfa Romeo family vehicle: Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Photo credit: Driving

This uniquely Italian take on an SUV has all the amenities of a great family vehicle with a few adult friendly features included as well. Built as an extension of Alfa Romeo’s long motorsport history, the exterior of the Stelvio disguises the incredible power within. Available at Alfa Romeo of Saskatoon.

As the old saying goes: “Great wisdom comes out of the mouths of babes. Also plenty of drool.” Ultimately, a family vehicle should check the following boxes:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Value
  • Handling
  • Comfort
  • Useable space
  • Ease of cleaning

Remember: A great family vehicle, like a great family movie, brings us all together and takes us on a journey. With these 8 factors in mind and your children’s favourite movie playing in the background, your next family vehicle is as good as yours.