Easy ways to go green anyone can do

Being environmentally friendly is just good economics because nine times out of ten, going green is also the more frugal option. Saving the earth is a daunting task, just ask any superhero. But you’d be surprised by the ripple effect one ‘green’ decision can be for your wallet and for the earth. Here are some easy ways you can make the world a better place this Earth Day!

Save paper

Post a sign on your mailbox to opt out of flyers to save paper. Make your own or visit the Better Good in Saskatoon for a free sticker.

Whenever possible, use cloths rather than paper towels or napkins.

Switch to paperless billing for banking and utilities. This is literally as easy as a click of a button and generally is the more straightforward option in paying bills.

Save plastic

If you don’t need a straw to enjoy your drink, ask for no straw or visit Final Straw and carry a reusable straw on your key chain.

Use a refillable coffee mug.

When you make your grocery lists, include reusable bags as a reminder to take them with you to the store. Make an effort to always keep a few reusable grocery bags in your car just in case you forget.

Be aware of the amount of single-use plastics you use. Styrofoam cups, plastic ‘to-go’ cutlery, straws and saran wrap generally end up in the trash after one use.

Visit the Better Good in Saskatoon to pick up reusable food wraps and Ziploc bags.

When having food delivered to you, ask for no utensils. You’re eating at home anyway! Reuse Skip the Dish containers as lunch boxes as black plastics cannot be recycled.

Sometimes items, such as the Skip the Dish containers, have a Recycling Mobius ‘♺’ but no number. It generally means it isn’t recyclable, it is just made of recycled materials. Contact Loraas for more information.

Keep wildlife wild

Pet friendly apartments be damned, adopt a wildlife species! Not literally. By sponsoring an animal, you support WWF-Canada’s efforts to protect a variety of animals and habitats across the world.

Another option is  adopting an endangered Southern Resident Orca. With a small donation, you receive ‘adoption papers’ a recording of your new family member singing underwater and a stuffed miniature orca.

Save energy

Check out the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. A product grown locally guarantees freshness and has traveled far less thus saving fuel and CO2 emissions.

Once a month, check the pressure of each of the tires and add air if needed to improve mileage by about 3 percent.

Challenge yourself to shave one minute off of your hot shower.

What’s the reuse?

Pickle, cheese wiz and other glass jars work great for food storage. Organize your baking supplies in your pantry or make a big batch of soup and freeze them for later!

With a pair of scissors you can give your old worn out socks a second life as a rag or a drop cloth.

Two litre pop bottles work great as cheap on-the-go water bottles, especially for a large family on a road trip.

Any excuse to reduce

Do the clothes in your closet spark joy? Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Visit Village Green Thrift Shop in Saskatoon. Buying second hand clothes, accessories and appliances saves energy and money.

The recycle of life

Plastic recycling:

Different plastics are recycled in different ways for different purposes! Check what number is in the ♺ to learn more.

Plastic bags, stretchable plastic film, styrofoam and batteries are not recyclable.

When you pick up your morning coffee for Tim Hortons, remember: Dark plastics coffee lids are not recyclable. Dyed plastics are generally more brittle so buyers of recyclable materials can’t use them.

Paper recycling:

If you’re confused about what paper is recyclable, remember: if you can rip it, Loraas can recycle it.

Pizza boxes can be recycled if there is no food and the box is free of especially heinous grease stains.

Always recycle shredded paper in clear bags.

Glass recycling:

Food grade glass such as beverage bottles and mason jars are allowed in blue bins, but they must be clean. However, the glass often breaks in transit so Loraas recommends you deliver them to Sarcan to recycle. Did you know, much of the reflective highway paint on Saskatchewan roads is made of recycled glass?

The best thing you can do for Earth Day is be aware of your impact on the world and educate the people you love, especially the next generation. Read the Lorax by Dr. Seuss with your family for a fun easy reminder of our responsibility in keeping the earth healthy.

Remember, one giant good deed is not all it takes to be a super hero. By taking small, easy steps you can make the world a better place and the earth a cleaner space!