Best or Bust? Super Bowl 2020 Car Commercials Reviewed

Few events command the world’s attention quite like the Super Bowl. Hundreds of millions of people tune in for high-level competition, world-class entertainment and also for the sometimes downright ridiculous commercials.

With so many eyes, advertisers try to make the most of the 30-second spots through spectacle, humour, emotions and sometimes a combination of all three. We’ve reviewed our favourite car commercials from Super Bowl 2020 and decided which ones were the Best and which ones were a Bust.


Smaht Pahk: Hyundai Sonata


Verdict: Best

Why: Accents are difficult to play off because, it seems like every joke has been made. But Hyundai’s fun fresh take on the classic Boston accent made for a wicked good commercial. Also, Rachel Dratch could carry an ad with her facial expressions alone.


Going Away Party: Genesis GV80


Verdict: Bust

Why: This is perhaps the closest a luxury brand will get towards self-deprecating humour so they should be commended for trying. The concept is strong, the setting is beautiful and casting Chrissy Teigen and John Legend was an inspired choice but it still falls just short. I think we can all agree Chrissy Teigen is capable of more cutting insults and we want to see it!


The Heist: 2020 Porsche Taycan


Verdict: Best

Why: This spot effectively packs all of the excitement and adrenaline building up to the release of the all-electric Porsche Taycan into 30 seconds while also adding a touch of humour.


Groundhog Day: Jeep Gladiator


Verdict: Best

Why: Super Bowl 2020 coincidentally landed on Ground Hog Day so naturally Jeep enlisted Bill Murray to recreate his eponymous 90’s dark comedy that is just as irreverent and a lot less gloomy.


Let It Go: Audi E-Tron


Verdict: Bust

Why: Separately, the elements of a great commercial are all present: A talented young face; an instantly recognizable song; a touch of absurdity. But the execution comes across a little scattered and unfocused. “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Sang by the woman who literally slew the King of Winter (Spoiler Alert), should hit a little harder if you ask us.


Heroed: Toyota Highlander

Verdict: Best

Why: Any piece of advertising that can successfully twist a classic cliché into something new is impressive. Toyota manages to turn the tired: “Go on without me!” action move trope on its head three times while still making a butthole joke!


Tough Never Quits: Kia Seltos


Verdict: Best

Why: Truly meaningful sentimental moments in advertisements are few and far between. By itself Josh Jacobs’ inspirational story is powerful, but it feels a little empty partnered with an automotive brand. To add weight to the campaign, Kia has pledged to donate $1,000 for every yard gained during the game towards homeless relief charities.


A Quiet Revolution: GMC Hummer EV

Verdict Bust

Why: Presumably to build suspense, GMC has opted not to showcase their first-ever EV Hummer and instead focus on its noiseless performance with a series of visual metaphors. As a model that has forever been synonymous with gas-guzzling, this ‘revolutionary’ new vehicle could probably have benefited with a grander entrance.


Do you agree with our review? Leave a comment and tell us which commercials were your favourite? You can watch all of the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl here.