Thank You for 2019 from Vaughn Wyant!

A reliable and productive workforce is a gift for any company, but it takes a special group of employees to make coming to work a joy each and every day. It is our pleasure to highlight some of the individuals who have made 2019 another great year for the Wyant Group.

Employees of the Year.

We would like to recognize the following individuals as Employees of the Year for their dedication to their work and leadership in the workplace:

Braden Blondin (Shop Lead – Alloy Detail Centre)

Jolene Nimalovitch (Financial Services Manager – Mercedes-Benz Saskatoon/AutoSport Saskatoon/Alfa Romeo & Maserati of Saskatoon)

Brenda Capnerhurst (Customer Viewpoint Representative – Jubilee Ford)

Brent Kalin (Journeyman Body Shop Technician – Alloy Collision)

David Tweidt (Sales – Lakeland Ford)

Lizz Gunville (Service Advisor – Lakeland Ford)

Jordan Hafichuk (Marketing Specialist – Wyant Group)

Jason Woodworth (Parts and Service Manager – Porsche Kelowna)

Alice Roshinsky (Reception – Audi Kelowna)

John Engram (Fixed Operations Manager – AutoSport Kelowna)

Mike Weaver (Fixed Operations Manager – Vernon Hyundai)


From left to right: Michael Wyant, Braden Blondin, Vaughn Wyant, Phillip Wyant.


From left to right: Jolene Nimalovitch, Vaughn Wyant, Michael Wyant, Phillip Wyant.


Brenda Capnerhurst, Customer Viewpoint Representative for Jubilee Ford.


From left to right: Vaughn Wyant, Michael Wyant, Brent Kalin, Phillip Wyant.


David Tweidt, Sales representative for Lakeland Ford.


From left to right: Vaughn Wyant, Michael Wyant, Jordan Hafichuk, Phillip Wyant.


Jason Woodsworth, left, and Robert Heard, right.

Manager and Assistant Manager of the Year.

The responsibilities of a leader go beyond overseeing your team. A real leader lifts everyone around them and works together to develop their team’s skills. Congratulations to three of our outstanding leaders:

Kirk Sinclair

Judie Spark

Ward Pangracs

From left to right: Vaughn Wyant, Kirk Sinclair, Phillip Wyant, Michael Wyant.


Judie Spark.


From left to right: Vaughn Wyant, Michael Wyant, Ward Pangracs, Phillip Wyant.

Lorne Franklin Spirit Award.

Our great colleague and friend, Lorne Franklin, embodied the truest spirit and essence of what the Wyant Group should represent. To honour his legacy, the Lorne Franklin Spirit Award is awarded to the person with that same positive energy that enriches the entire workplace and brightens colleagues’ days. Please join us in congratulating this year’s recipient, Don Nelson.


From left to right: Vaughn Wyant, Michael Wyant, Don Nelson, Phillip Wyant.

The Wyant Group family of companies believes that delivering quality products and services begins in an environment, where employees and customers feel valued and respected. We hope you know the effort and diligence you all have displayed in 2019 has not got unnoticed. As a family of companies, and of people, we appreciate everything you have done for the company this year. It is our obligation to support each other as we grow, develop and move toward an exciting future.

All the best for 2020!