How to Properly Install a Car Seat.

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate reality for far too many families in our province and accidents involving children are especially tragic. Luckily, a critical prevention component which can dramatically reduce the severity of accidents is the correct and consistent use of child restraints. We asked Kurt Delorme from the Saskatoon Fire Department to take us through the proper installation and use of infant and child car seats.

Kurt estimates 80 to 95% of parents misuse car seats. He says by doing their research, parents can increase the effectivness of car seats and keep their children safer. All the information you need to properly install a car seat is actually very easy to find. Every car seat comes with an owner’s manual and every vehicle comes with model-specific guidelines for proper child car restraint installation.

How to properly install a car seat.

Proper Car Seat Installation

There are three types of child restraints: Rear-facing car seats, front-facing car seats, and booster seats. A common misconception is to match your child with a car seat based on their age. This is unsafe because, like car seats, all children are built different. Children progress from seat to seat based on height and weight.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the individual restrictions of your chosen seat. Watch below as Kurt demonstrates how to install each type of car seat/restraint.

Rear-Facing Car Seats

Front Facing Car Seats

Booster Seats

Proper installation and use of infant and child restraints saves thousands of lives each year. If you’d like more information, Child Passenger Restraint check sites are available throughout Saskatchewan so parents can have an infant or child seat inspected  by trained Technicians for proper use and installation.

Together we can reduce death and injuries in our children from motor vehicle accidents. Visit the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute for more information on how to keep your children safe while in a vehicle

Stay safe. Take care.