5 W’s of Winter Car Washing

Washing your vehicle in the winter may not make sense on paper. Why would you intentionally apply a significant quantity of water to the body of your vehicle when it’s cold? However, in practice, winter is one of the most important times to keep your vehicle clean.

Here are the 5 W’s of winter car washing!


Winter car washing is essential for vehicle health.

Who needs to wash their vehicle in the winter? Driving in the winter cakes your vehicle with loads of salt and dirt, making them look like large motorized powdered doughnuts. So you do probably.


Washing your car at Spiffy keeps you out of the winter elements.

Take it to Spiffy of course! Our high-pressure wand washers and environmentally friendly soaps offer a fast way to clean winter grunge from your ride with pinpoint accuracy. Plus, we are equipped with turbo dryers so you can leave Spiffy without fear of laminating your doors and windows shut with ice! Visit one of our warm and well-equipped locations at Stonebridge, Fairhaven, and 8th Street anytime between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Washing your car at Spiffy keeps you out of the winter elements.

If you’re looking for a more complete and convenient cleaning experience, visit Alloy Detail Centre. At Alloy Detail Centre, we guarantee a clean getaway. Pamper your vehicle while you relax in our comfortable lounge or even visit Sage – The Beauty Bar for your own personal tune-up.


Washing your car at Spiffy keeps you out of the winter elements.

What should you bring to Spiffy? Every wash bay is equipped with protective wax, high-quality soap, spot-free rinse, and vacuum systems so, all you need for a brilliant cleaning experience is a few dollars or one of Spiffy’s preloaded wash cards. If the temperature is below -25°C, bring a few microfibre towels to ensure door jams, gas caps, and windshield washer nozzles are thoroughly dried before leaving Spiffy.


Take your vehicle for a wash every two weeks during late fall and early spring when the roads are the dirtiest. Remember to keep lock de-icer in your glove box and ensure your vehicle is thoroughly dried when visiting Spiffy in the dead of winter.


Winter car washing is essential for vehicle health.

Why wash your vehicle in the winter? Although it might seem futile to wash your vehicle in the winter, it’s just going to get immediately dirty again, it will help you down the road. Your vehicle is almost always covered in a thin layer of salt, dirt or both during the winter. The longer that grit stays on your vehicle the more likely rust outbreaks could occur.  Regularly washing your vehicle will keep these corrosive minerals off of your vehicle and keep your vehicle on the road, healthy and happy.

Winter car washing is essential for vehicle health.

Saskatchewan roads can be punishing to vehicles but bad habits can be even worse. If you remember the 5 W’s of winter car washing, you’ll allow your car to go further and you’ll enjoy a happier drive. Remember, when you take good care of both yourself and your vehicle, you’ll have years of wonderful memories ahead.