The pros and cons of different bike carrier options.


Spring is well and truly here! This signals a return to outdoor activities and for the writer of this article, it means getting back to road cycling and mountain biking. While there are a ton of great places to go cycling, they may be a bit far away, and the road to get there may not always be bicycle-friendly.

Carrying bicycles inside a vehicle isn’t an ideal solution for your bicycle or your vehicle. Not only will you be bringing in dirt and grease, a car’s interior lacks proper securing points, and you’ll be limited in the number of friends you can bring along if you have to fold down the rear seats. This leaves us with four locations to load your bicycle, each with its own pros and cons:


Trunk mount

Trunk carriers are secured onto your vehicle’s trunk thanks to straps and rubber mounting points.


Generally more affordable


Higher risk of damaging the body of your vehicle as the mount and latching points form pressure points on the trunk

May not fit on all vehicles


Roof mount

A popular option among sedan and hatchback owners, roof mounts latch onto your vehicle’s roof rack.


Does not restrict the rearview of the vehicle

Maintains a clear access to the tailgate/trunk

Your vehicle is more likely to have roof rails rather than a factory-mounted hitch

Multiple variations are possible: fork mount, frame mount and wheel mount


Can be difficult to lift bicycles onto tall vehicles

Restricts access to parking in low level garages

Slightly increases fuel consumption

Difficult to fit more than 2-3 bicycles


Hitch mount

User-friendly and capable of easily carrying up to 4-5 bicycles, hitch mounts are a popular option.


Good option for larger and taller vehicles

Able to carry more bicycles

Leaves the roof of the vehicle free to carry other items. A roof box, for instance


Will require a hitch installation if your vehicle doesn’t have one

May block rearward visibility

Makes it difficult to access the trunk – although high-end models can tilt to allow access


Pickup truck options

If you own a pickup truck, you can also use bed carriers or a tailgate pad.


Bed carriers are stable and sturdy, and hold the bicycle within the box

Tailgate pads are generally more affordable


Bed carriers may require an assembly to latch onto the truck bed

Tailgate pads can block rearview cameras and may not fit perfectly on some tailgates


When considering your options for carrying bikes, this list is a great starting point but it is a good idea to check with your individual dealership to see what options are recommended for your vehicle. From all of us at the Wyant Group, we hope you have a great time cycling – and just as importantly, a great time getting there!