Seven reasons why a Porsche is an ideal vehicle to tackle winter

There is a long-standing myth that you shouldn’t drive a sportscar during the winter. At the Wyant Group, we are here to reassure you: yes, you can still drive your Porsche during the winter months. Here are seven reasons why a Porsche is, in fact, a supreme vehicle to take on the snow, ice and slush we face at this time of the year.

Range of options

The first and most obvious reason that you can drive your Porsche year-round is that the brand now offers a wide variety of models. Effectively, SUVs such as the Macan and Cayenne provide an enticing option for those looking for all-wheel drive, a higher driving position and more ground clearance. Moreover, you can option certain versions of the Macan and Cayenne with height-adjustable air suspension, ensuring that you can tackle those intimidating snow drifts.

Porsche Macan on snowy road

That said, all of the brand’s vehicles are sublime all-rounders, no matter if we’re talking about a 911 or a Cayenne. In fact, a frequent compliment given to Porsches is that while they can mix it up with the most exotic supercars on the track, they can just as well be used as comfortable daily drivers and take everything you throw at them without a sweat. This German brand’s vehicles are all designed to handle all four seasons, and it’s no coincidence that all Porsche models can be fitted with winter wheel and tire sets. In fact, with the exception of the Porsche 718 model range, it is possible to spec a 911, Panamera, Macan or Cayenne with all-wheel drive. All things considered, Porsche has you covered if you’re looking for a dream vehicle to take on our wintery roads.

Road handling

Porsche’s success in the world of motorsports is unrivalled, and the brand boasts an envious reputation for producing exquisite sportscars. All of this is thanks to vehicles built on splendid chassis and powertrains, designed to provide the driver with an excellent feel for the road. And while feeling at one with the car allows racing drivers to set incredible lap records, it also means that Porsches can provide all of us with a driving experience like no other.

Porsche 911 on snowy road

An easily overlooked benefit of this approach is that this applies no matter what the road surface. When driving on ice and snow, it becomes more difficult to “feel the road”, as grip is reduced and the feedback communicated through steering, suspension and chassis is not as direct. A Porsche keeps you connected to the road, instilling confidence in the drive and allowing the driver to adapt to any changes in road conditions. Moreover, Porsche offers opportunities for current and prospective buyers to refine their winter driving skills in a safe training environment – more on that later.

Safety & Technology

Perhaps the greatest innovation of the last few decades in terms of road safety is the evolution of active and passive safety features. The myth that you shouldn’t drive a sportscar during the winter was somewhat accurate in the past; lots of horsepower, no traction control and little in the way of winter tire options meant that a rear-wheel-drive sportscar was perhaps not the logical vehicle to take on snowy roads.

Porsche 718 on snowy road

Nowadays, all Porsches are fitted with driver aids that act like “guardian angels” to assist drivers when they face challenging conditions. Most notable is the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system. Fine-tuned by Porsche engineers in test labs and endlessly tested in the real world from the arctic circle to the desert, PSM is designed to keep your vehicle pointing the right way. This means that no matter how powerful your Porsche is, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, PSM will ensure that just the right amount of power is delivered in almost all situations.

Dealership support

The service specialists at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan and Porsche Centre Kelowna are here to help you find the correct Porsche Tequipment winter wheel and tire sets. We offer only the best, high-performance “N-rated” tires for your Porsche. Tested by Porsche engineers for their grip, geometry and rubber compound, tires are only awarded the ‘N’ designation if they meet no fewer than 33 important criteria. When we install these tires on your Porsche, you become the direct beneficiary of this testing.

Porsche Centre Saskatchewan

Of course, addressing winter involves more than just swapping to winter tires. Our technicians understand that your Porsche is a prized possession and are ready to help get your vehicle ready for winter by performing all necessary check-ups. Moreover, we offer tire storage services through our Tire Hotel. In addition, we can take care of applying any protective films and coatings to your Porsche to protect it from rock chips and road grime. With this amount of support from highly skilled Porsche technicians, you can be sure that your Porsche will be as ready as it can be to take on whatever winter throws at it.

Porsche Cayenne on snowy road

Quality and durability

For many, a Porsche is a vehicle that should be cared for and preserved. We’re here to reassure you: although we’ll agree that winter roads present one of the harshest environments for a car, few vehicles are as well prepared, tested and protected from the factory, to handle the salt, grit and dirt encountered on our roads.

Porsche Macan on snowy road

In fact, did you know that the 911 was the first series production car to be given a body that was hot-dip galvanized on both sides? At the time – in 1975 – this allowed Porsche to offer a six-year corrosion guarantee, which was extended to seven years for the 1981 model year. Today, Porsche offers a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty on its vehicles – a testament to the brand’s trust that its vehicles are well protected against corrosion. With such attention taken to ensure that Porsches are built to last, it’s no wonder that over 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today.

Porsche Ice Experience

If you needed one more reason to drive a Porsche during the winter months, the Porsche Ice Experience is just what the doctor ordered. This experience, taking place at the Mecaglisse track in the beautiful rolling hills of northern Quebec, includes world-class meals, memorable accommodations, and the opportunity to master the art of driving on snow and ice thanks to the expert advice of Porsche instructors. This experience promises to make you a more confident and competent winter driver. And let’s not forget the essential part: Above all else, driving a Porsche during the winter can be fun – really fun – and the Porsche Ice Experience provides the perfect setting to experience this.

Time is precious

Porsche 911 driving on snowy road

We’re all too familiar with the fact that winter conditions last for around six months in this part of the world. Time is precious and the winter months are arduous enough as it stands; we think you deserve to drive a “fun” sportscar year-round. Drop by for a visit at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan or Porsche Centre Kelowna, and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and assist you in finding the perfect Porsche for you to take on winter.