“Moving into a Mirage 2018” at Saskatoon Mitsubishi

There’s nothing like that new car smell. Unless you and three strangers have lived in that new car for seven days and seven nights.

At 7:00 am on Friday, August 17th, Amber Burton, Jenna Elliot, Dean Longworth, and Ryan Mazzei took part in the “Moving into a Mirage” contest. Together they will attempt to eat, sleep, and live within the vehicle for the next week.

The rules of engagement

The seats the four contestants are assigned at the beginning of the “Moving into a Mirage” contest, are the seats they are restricted to for the entire week. The contestants will be given bathroom and grooming breaks but exiting the vehicle for any other reason will result in a forfeit.

Contestants will be supplied with daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. At 5:00 pm on Friday, August 24th, the final contestant left in the vehicle will be awarded the, fully cleaned and detailed, 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage. Should there be more than one contestant remaining, a mystery elimination contest will ensue.

Evan Thompson, Sales Manager at Saskatoon Mitsubishi says, “This an awesome opportunity to highlight the great work done here at the dealership. It also gives a group of strangers the chance to bond over a Mitsubishi. I’m sure they’ll get real close over the next seven days.”

“It’s going to be a real test of willpower for these four individuals.” Michael Wyant, COO of Wyant Group adds.“There will definitely be room for surprises and I’m excited to watch them all rise to the challenge.”

The Moving into a Mirage contestants smile at the camera.

Meet our contestants

Sitting in the driver’s seat is Dean Longworth. Dean is a 50-year-old Operations Manager at a local transport company who plans to scare the other contestants off by saying he sleeps naked. Jenna Elliot, 33, is in the back-driver’s side of the Mirage and says with two kids at home, 7 days of quiet is actually kind of a treat.

In the back-passenger’s side, registered nurse Amber Burton, 32, hopes to win the Mirage for her two younger brothers who are sharing a vehicle almost as old as they are. In the front-passenger seat, Ryan Mazzei hopes to keep himself entertained by ripping glorious tunes on his mouth trumpet. Live coverage of the four contestants in the Mirage is streaming 24/7 at 96.3 FM.

Everyone is invited to visit Saskatoon Mitsubishi to cheer on our brave contestants and participate in a week’s worth of exciting events.

All proceeds from the week will be donated to Saskatoon SPCA.

What is a Mirage?

The Mitsubishi Mirage.

The lightweight Mitsubishi Mirage is a compact 4-door hatchback. With about as much living room as a twin sized bed, the Mirage is the most efficient non-hybrid fuel consumption ratings in the industry.

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