Meadow Lake Chrysler opens as newest member of Wyant Group

After years of consistent growth in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, the Wyant Group is excited to announce our expansion into Meadow Lake with the acquisition of Northland Chrysler.

Reopened as Meadow Lake Chrysler on November 1st, Scott Newsom, managing partner is thrilled with the expansion. “We looked at the opportunity as a franchise we currently didn’t have – Chrysler. We like the market, we like the brand and Meadow Lake and northwest Saskatchewan is a place we felt we’d like to have a greater presence.”

Fresh start

Meadow Lake Chrysler is the first Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store in the Wyant Group family of brands. Located 260 kms northwest of Prince Albert, the new dealership is also our northernmost dealership. As a budding city of just over 5,000, Meadow Lake also serves as the economic focal point for the surrounding community of over 15,000.

The north is a pillar of the Wyant Group business and Scott Newsom knows it goes beyond people buying products. “We’re a family-oriented business. We take care of the people and communities who take care of us and the customer can see that. Towns in the north are tight knit and we’re looking forward to giving back to such a vibrant community.”

Meadow Lake City Hall.

Meadow Lake City Hall.

The Wyant Group has recently reopened several new facilities in Saskatoon and soon in Calgary, but no plans are in the works yet for Meadow Lake Chrysler. “We’re going to be doing some renovations and, in regard to staffing, our business model is to keep the people we have,” Scott Newsom added. “We had the opportunity to meet the staff the other day, and we’re excited to be working with them.”

Power in every direction

Meadow Lake Chrysler serving their first customer on November 1st.

Meadow Lake Chrysler officially opened its doors and served their first customer on November 1st.

The vehicles of Meadow Lake need to be as tough as the people of Meadow Lake. They need more horsepower than a chuck wagon race and more grit than a back-country road. Meadow Lake Chrysler promises power in every direction and we offer the best prices and the best sales experience on all of our products.

It is our privilege to be a part of Meadow Lake’s bright future. Find your new frontier today at Meadow Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram at 802 First Avenue West.