5 ways we know Santa drives a Volvo

Winter can be the most perilous time of the year to travel and when the weather outside gets frightful, millions of little boys and girls lie awake wondering how Old St. Nick will deliver all of their Christmas wishes. In order to make his yearly journey, Santa’s sleigh will need an impressive amount of space, outstanding performance, and the technology to respond to extreme circumstances. Luckily, the Wyant Group is here to let your children know: “Yes, Santa is indeed coming to town.” How do we know? Because we’re pretty sure Santa is at the wheel of a Volvo.


Santa’s sleigh needs to have the space to fit toys for all of the good children around the world. It needs to be outfitted to maximize space and durable enough to handle large volumes of cargo. Sounds like a job for Volvo!

Volvo always find the smartest ways to make the most of the space in each of their vehicles. For instance, the XC40 is outfitted with thoughtful details, such as a pop-out garbage bin between the front seats, and door pockets that are big enough to take a laptop. The larger XC90 has up to seven seats which can slide and fold in order to open up to a volume of 1868 litres.


Santa is not interested in a grueling, night-long off-roading voyage. He is a plump, jolly old man, he wants to travel in comfort! But if Santa is going to make it to every house this Christmas, his ride will need to perform smoothly even in the face of extreme conditions. Thankfully, this is another Volvo specialty.

The active chassis on the XC90 makes up to 500 calculations per second to assess the current road condition, driving style and adapts to provide the optimum balance between comfort and control. Volvo also uses lightweight materials when constructing their engines and unique double wishbone suspension, to improve agility while ensuring a smooth, vibration-free ride.

High beams

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer has a very shiny nose and we’re sure he does a great job guiding Santa’s sleigh. But a pair of high beam full-LED headlights can make even the foggiest Christmas Eve a walk in the park. Volvo’s distinctive T-shape headlights come with active bending lights which are designed to provide maximum illumination in bends and junctions.


Up on the roof top click, click, click. Parking on a rooftop is no picnic. Santa has had years of practise pulling onto and off of rooftops to deliver presents but how does he always find just the right place to park without damaging the roof or his sleigh? If you ask us, it’s because his sleigh is probably outfitted with Volvo’s Park Assist Pilot. With this technology, sensors on the body of his sleigh gauge the size of parallel or perpendicular spaces and can even self-steer into a parallel space just 1.2 times the length of the sleigh.

Let’s also not forget that with nine reindeer, Santa would definitely benefit from large animal detection radar and camera technology to make sure no accidental collisions happen on that special night.


Santa knows climate change could have serious implications on the earth but as a resident of the North Pole, he would use responsible technology to monitor his emmisions and help protect the planet. In other words, he would drive a Volvo.

As of 2019, all new Volvos will either be hybrid or fully electric. Some models such as the XC60 and XC90 are already outfitted with a T8 Twin Engine which allows you to drive an average daily commute with zero emissions.



The busiest night of Santa’s year is right around the corner but you better not cry, and you better not pout because Santa is more than equipped to make his yearly trek around the globe. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a 400 horsepower sleigh!